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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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Uses of Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Hire specialises in supplying portable toilets to our valued customers. Our toilet units are ideal for a variety of events and they are easy to set up.

We can supply you with the right portable units you need and help you set them up on your premises.

Portable toilets are transportable and lightweight units. These provide sanitation and an efficient way of eliminating human waste during specific events and functions.

portable toilet
  • Sports Events
  • Music Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Functions
  • Private Parties
  • Festivals
  • Fairs and Fetes
  • School Events
  • Building Site Facilities
  • Temporary Toilets
  • Additional Facilities

The portable toilet is commonly used and outdoor events and construction sites. This is to accommodate visitors and guests comfortably.

They can be used in almost any large outdoor gathering such as a concert or recreational event. They can be used for events of all sizes, large or small.

The stalls are usually made from lightweight materials. It is mainly made of lightweight sheet plastic. A common material often used in polyethylene. Not only this cost effective, but also allows the unit to be easily transportable.

Units consist of a plastic frame, a urinal, a tank and ventilation spaces. The pump will depend on the size of the unit.

If you're looking for quality portable toilets, speak to us. I can help you to find the ideal units for your specific event. We can also assist you with this set-up the transportation of these portable units.

Portable Toilet Hire have many years’ experience providing portable toilets for a wide range of events in Sussex and the surrounding areas. For more information about our portable toilets, phone 01903 877 464.